Delivering Exceptional Appointments

with Decision Makers


  • know all about your business, but have angst when selling your service?
  • feel frustrated when you can’t get those valuable appointments?
  • wish you had an experienced sales professional to set appointments for you?
  • feel confident that you could close the sale if you got in front of your prospect?


You will benefit from my expertise to set B2B appointments for you to go in and close the sale. As a result, I create a business relationship between you and your prospect, even before you meet. My services help you to increase sales because I have walked the walk: I’ve sold services to some of the most prominent corporations, including IBM, GE, General Foods, and Perrier, as well as selling to mom and pop shops in the mail order business. No matter what you’re selling, I’ve probably called on them.

People who benefit from my services are entrepreneurs or companies . . .

who know all about their services or products but find it challenging to sell them! I love helping people with their business development and have been in business for over 20 years (including 10 years of ad sales at Conde Nast Publications’, “House & Garden” magazine). I’ve seen many entrepreneurs and companies who have difficulty selling their services. Therefore, I have more sales and marketing experience than most telemarketers.

Do you have difficulty reaching your end user?

You’ve come to the right place! I am a problem solver! You will profit from my inventive method that helps you to get around that headache. My clients have said that my in-depth sales and marketing background brings a lot to the table. I believe that it’s my creativity in sales that usually beats the competition.

Would you like to enhance your company image?

More than a few of my clients have reported back to me after the appointment that the prospect was “impressed with your professionalism and business persona”.

I’ve also had comments directly from several of the prospects with whom I’ve set appointments: I’m a little ticked off that you got through to me, but I wish my salespeople had your ability. I believe they’re impressed since I don’t sound like a kid just out of school who’s reading a script word-for-word. Instead, my voice is confident and poised, which makes prospects listen long enough for me to set an appointment.