A positive attitude is the key to success. Your demeanor determines whether you win or lose, whether it’s a business negotiation or a job interview.

If you were to ask me what I believe is the biggest secret to sales, I would have to say that it is your attitude. With all the sales techniques that I can offer you, your success depends primarily on a positive approach. Go in with a negative attitude, and you are sure to fail.

Sales is what makes the world go ’round. Every single business is selling a product or a service. Even if your job title is not “salesperson,” or if you don’t consider yourself to be “in sales,” I suggest that you think again. From the CEO to the receptionist, you are selling the company all the time: when you pick up the telephone, the tone in your voice, your confidence level, and what you say or don’t say. It is all sales.

A great way to develop a good sales attitude is by educating your prospects. If they knew what you knew about your product or service, they’d buy, right? So, if you go in believing what you are selling is of the highest quality, and that it can serve the buyer’s needs, you are bound to succeed.

Your attitude can help you to get past the gatekeepers. When the screen asks, “Who’s calling?” – in addition to giving your first name only (implying that the prospect knows you), it is the tone in your voice that will get you through – that is, your attitude. You should sound authoritative, and somewhat impatient, as if you have absolutely no time to waste and that the call should be put through. The screen doesn’t want to offend you or the person for whom she is screening the call, so your persuasive demeanor can coax her to put you through.

After you get past the screen, and finally get the prospect on the phone, you should present yourself as the expert in your industry. You need to convince her that your product or service is the best in the business, and that she’d be crazy to do business with anyone else. Your confident attitude helps to convince your prospect that she is working with someone who knows her business, and that you have her best interest at heart.

So, check your attitude. Is it positive? Confident? Authoritative? Persuasive? Do you believe in yourself and what you are selling?