If you have a service or product that makes it difficult to reach your ideal client, calling on companies that can give you referrals can remedy that situation.

Example #1: My client sells and installs audio and video equipment. Since it is not easy for him to reach his end user, we set Lunch & Learn meetings with architects who can give him referrals to the manufacturers of products that architects use in their business.

What makes it so agreeable for architects to accept our appointments is that in addition to the lunch we provide, all licensed architect AIA members are required to earn 18.0 annual CEU’s (Continuing Educational Units). Since our presentation is certified, it automatically provides the architects with one CEU.

Example #2: A bookkeeper also had a difficult time reaching his prospective clients.  The solution I provided, in this case, was to call on Certified Public Accounts (CPA’s) to create a business relationship where they could trade referrals to each other. A win-win situation!

Although architectural or CPA firms may not be your ideal referral sources, call me at 212-472-2650 to do some brainstorming to find the industry that works for your business.