Meet Norma


I worked as an admin in the motion picture industry (Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Otto Preminger, Director/Producer). I resented my superiors asking me to serve coffee, lunch, picking up dry cleaning; tasks unrelated to my job. I was bored and unhappy!


(You can change careers, too!)
I answered an ad for ad sales in a local NYC newspaper, “Our Town.” Instinctively I knew I had sales talent. While still working as an admin, I sold advertising part-time at “Our Town.” Using a “do or die” formula, I sold ads on my lunch hour, evenings and weekends to local retailers, mom & pop shops, and restaurants. I loved the freedom of sales (calling on prospects door to door rather than being tied to a desk); I found my calling and was full time within 3 months.

After a year at “Our Town,” I went on “informational interviews” to explore other opportunities. I set appointments in the magazine and television industries. People readily made themselves available when I told them I was not coming in for a typical interview but doing research to discover where I might be a fit. It was magazine ad sales where I felt most comfortable.

Finally, I was thrilled to receive my “dream job” offer at one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the world, Conde Nast. Hired at “House & Garden” magazine, I spent ten successful years selling ads to national advertisers such as General Electric, IBM and the Concord watch. As a top salesperson, I won many awards and was honored for securing the “Most Business” and “Most Target Accounts.” I was the only salesperson who did cold calling.