As an experienced sales and marketing professional, I have been setting B2B appointments for over 10 years for my clients to go in and close the sale. As a result, I create a business relationship between my clients and their prospects even before they meet. Follow up is one of my strong suits. Without follow up, everything done before is for nothing.

From a list of companies my clients want to do business with, I call their prospects to get them in the door.


  • increased sales and income
  • qualified appointments with the decision maker
  • focus on closing sales instead of prospecting
  • less stress about finding new business
  • benefit from a 6-figure salesperson at a fraction of the cost
  • no overhead for phone, desk, insurance, benefits, etc.
  • enjoy a competitive edge since competitors will probably not cold call

Here’s how it works:

  1. I ask for 20 hours in a 4-week period, divided into 5 hours per week.
  2. There is a 3-month minimum, and each month is prepaid.
  3. Complete transparency and accountability: I provide a Weekly Sales Call Report that keeps you informed about how many calls were made, who was called and exactly what was discussed during each call.
  4. One appointment usually covers my monthly fee.
  5. On average, I set one appointment for every two hours of calls, delivering a high return on your investment.

If you would like to fill up your calendar with appointments without lifting a finger, let’s chat – 212-472-2650

New! ONLINE MARKETING COURSES are available and will help if you would like to learn how to:

  1. find new clients
  2. eliminate the fear of sales and selling your services
  3. master the objections
  4. write a sales script or sales pitch

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B2B Appointment-Setting Services

Jack Borenstein, President, Ultimate Sound & Installations, Inc. (client)

I highly recommend Norma Siciliano for setting B2B appointments. I am extremely pleased with her work, as she gets us in the doors of prestigious companies that I thought were unattainable. Flexibility and follow up are her strengths as she sets appointments for us with architects, interior designers, general contractors, electrical contractors, and just about anything I charge her with.

Norma has surpassed our expectations with the number of appointments that she obtains for us, and exceeds what is advertised: “On average, one appointment for every two hours of calls.” Attention to detail and follow up is extraordinary and is what brings in the business. We applaud her transparency with weekly call reports and conference calls, which have confirmed Norma’s accountability and professionalism.

Adrian Miller – Sales Trainer, Consultant, Content Developer

Who doesn’t need more business appointments? Of course you do as does everyone that wants to win more new clients. Norma takes that particular responsibility off of your shoulders so that you can spend your time closing the deals and not making call after call trying to turn a suspect into an interested prospect. Norma’s a pro and will doggedly follow-up until there is success! Now, isn’t that someone you would want in your corner?

Pat Ahaesy,CMP, CSEP, President at P&V Enterprise (former client)

If you need more appointments to build your business, Norma is the salesperson for you. She sets appointments with qualified decision makers for us that we would not have without her efforts. What sets Norma apart is that she genuinely has her clients’ best interest at heart. It’s clear that she continuously works hard to make sure that our sales campaign is successful. Norma is straightforward, has an in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing, and constantly makes suggestions to improve our sales campaign. Her work is transparent; she provides a weekly Sales Call Report that reveals what transpires on each and every call she makes for us.

Anthony R. Maniscalco, Jr., 1-2-3 Payroll, Human Resources (former client)

Norma Siciliano came highly recommended to me by Adrian Miller, the successful ‘Business Growth Architect,’ sales consultant, trainer and author of “The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success.” Adrian assured me that Norma was an exceptionally skilled salesperson who would increase my appointments, and in turn build my payroll business. Norma has surpassed my expectations!


If you want me to come in to talk to your organization, call me at – 212-472-2650