Success Stories



Using my tenacious instinct, I tore the full-page Concord Watch ad from “Architectural Digest” and had a special bakery create a replica of the watch into a 12” x 18” cake that read, “Tick tock, tick tock! It’s a sweet time for House & Garden.”(SEE PHOTO)

Challenges: 1) the bakery didn’t deliver, 2) I didn’t have an appointment. I jumped into a taxi and hand-delivered the cake. Since the Advertising Director was out to lunch, I waited in his reception area. When he returned, he was so impressed with my effort that he invited me in, and his entire staff ‘ate cake!’ That incredible meeting allowed me to follow up with a formal presentation, which developed into a whopping, 8-page advertising schedule for “House & Garden” and a generous bonus for me!


A major success story for my Appointment-Setting services was with my client, Ultimate Sound & Installations, an audio, video integrator (sells and installs video and electrical equipment). Since it was difficult for him to reach his end user, instead, we called on architectural firms to set up Lunch & Learn meetings since they could refer business to him. (This is an important, alternative prospecting approach). My client’s presentation was “certified,” which earned the architects the CEU’s (Continued Educational Units) they needed annually. Because each architect in the meeting earns a CEU, setting appointments with architects is a slam-dunk! The moral of this story is that there’s always another way to cook an egg!

Partial LinkedIn Testimonial from client, Jack Borenstein, President, Ultimate Sound & Installations:

I am extremely pleased with Norma’s work, as she gets us in the doors of prestigious companies that I thought were unattainable.  

(See bottom of SERVICES page for full testimonial.)


The lifestyle at Conde Nast was luxurious. Sales meetings were held at fabulous destinations (Bahamas, Montauk Yacht Club, Hamptons); liberal “cash” expense account; client lunches in prestigious NYC restaurants. And, because image was so important at Conde Nast, we were instructed never to be seen eating in the local diner around the corner!


I was not aware of my creative talent until I was required to create business presentations (written and visual) at “House & Garden.” It helped me to sell many ad pages and reach my annual quota. Discovering my creativity was pleasurable and helped me to be even more successful.