1. A thank you note is expected Immediately after your first meeting with a new prospect.
  2. Recap your meeting so all they need to do is confirm they received your note and that your summary is accurate.
  3. A note gives you an opportunity to add something you forgot to say in person.
  4. Effective communication is one of the secrets to your sales success.
  5. Include your prospect’s pain points with a solution your services can provide.
  6. A note is a small effort than can help you to win big over your competition.
  7. The extra step impresses prospects as someone they may want to work with.
  8. Be sure to include the date and subject matter of the meeting.
  9. Communication builds and maintains relationships and enforces transparency, helping you to build trust.
  10. A hand-written note shows that you’ve made a bigger effort than an email: a) it doesn’t get piled up with other emails b) it’s more powerful when they need to open an envelope to read your note.