To conduct a successful sales campaign, you need to convince your prospect that you are an authority in your industry. Everyone wants to feel that they are doing business with the best that money can buy.

 1) Strengthen the Tone of Voice Women especially must learn to modulate high-pitched voices to ensure credibility. Shrill or weak voices command less respect.

 2) Sound Confident Authority begins with a voice that has a confident tone, especially on the phone. A self-assured and hurried approach (as if you have no time to waste) helps you to get past the gatekeeper. Communicate with your prospect as her peer or contemporary. You don’t want to be in an “asking mode.” You should sound like the authority who is advising your prospect that you have something of value to offer.

3) Be on A First-Name Basis Getting past the gatekeeper is what most of us have trouble with. Do not lie in order to get past her, but feel free to imply that the prospect knows you. When asked, “Who’s calling?” give your first name only. Of course, if she asks for your last name you have to give it. If the next question is, “What company are you from?” be brief, i.e., say “Trylon,” not “Trylon Carpet Company.” The more questions the gatekeeper must ask, the more uncomfortable she becomes since she doesn’t want to risk offending you or her employer, so most times you’ll be put you through quickly.

4) Operate On A Level Playing Field when you get your prospect on the phone. Don’t feel obliged to call her by her surname; use her first name. If you use Ms. or Mr., it puts you in an asking mode, and turns the power over to her.

5) Sound Authoritative When you get the prospect on the phone, give her a reason to listen to you. Start the conversation with the benefits of your service and that you are offering something of value. Use a self-assured, confident voice. No one will listen to you if you sound apprehensive. Ultimately you should ask questions to uncover your prospect’s needs or pain points. However, it should be done with an earnest concern for your prospect’s benefit. Benefits are perceived as profits by your prospect.

6) Distinguish Yourself from The Crowd Use language that sets you apart from the competition: “We stand out in . . .” or “We are famous for. . .” It will help to convince prospects that you have the respect of the business community because of your high-quality work.

7) Drop Names of Impressive Clients Impress your prospects by mentioning current or past clients that are prominent or are in the same industry. People like doing business where their competition does. Also, it adds to your credibility, making them feel that you know their business.

8) Reach More Prospects with Public Speaking Develop topics of interest and speak at industry associations or other functions. You will achieve speaker status and elevated credibility.

 9) Become Your Own PR Agency Send press releases to your high-priority list. Send it to the editors of local business and trade publications, local TV and radio stations, and of course to appropriate online S O U R C E S??????????????????? what’s the appropriate term – online what???.

10) Look Confident When you look good, you project even better. Your confidence will be stronger, and you’ll project self-assurance on the phone. Especially if you work from home and are used to getting on the phone in your sleepwear. You don’t need to wear business attire, but you should be dressed, have well-groomed hair, sit up straight and smile. Women: Imagine you are going out to an office and wear make-up. Now, don’t you feel better already?