1) Never leave a meeting or a prospecting conversation without determining the next step.

2) Ask for prospect’s time frame for their buying decision or for the next meeting or communication; e.g., “Would you like me to call you in a week?”

3) When a prospect gives you a follow up date, it makes it easier to get past the gatekeeper, e.g., “Mr. Jones asked me to call him at this time.”

4) Although follow up is extremely repetitive, your patience will be rewarded.

5) When boredom sets in, some salespeople mistakenly move on to the next prospect hoping for a better chance for a sale.

6) Sadly, when the follow up process stops, you throw away the chance of securing a sale with the previous prospect.

7) As tedious as it may seem, there’s no way around the follow up process.

8) Although follow up takes time, it’s time well spent.

9) Don’t be surprised to find that some prospects will compliment you on your tenacity because they appreciate the effort it took to win them over.

10) When you realize the reward of closing a deal, it will give you the energy to follow up with the next prospect.